Center of Excellence Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery Athens Euroclinic, Greece

Center of Excellence Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery Athens Euroclinic, Greece

After many Excellence, as many as the years of secondary education, he was introduced between the first students and graduated 3rd with honors from the Medical School. Awarded by the International Hippocratic Foundation in 1992 by the Rector of the University of Athens, in Honour Oath Ceremony in ancient Asklepion of Kos. He was a Doctor of Military School of Permanent Commissioned Officers (MTA) and worked for 6 years at the Hospital ““EVANGELISMOS”. He received the highest Scholarship from the Greek Surgical Society for retraining in Endocrine Surgery.

He worked in several hospitals in Great Britain, like Hammersmith Hospital, Charring Cross Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, St Bart’s Hospital, as well as private Clinics Cromwell Hospital and Clementine Churchill Hospital. He was Senior Surgical SpR at Ealing Hospital, London. As a Fellow in Endocrine Surgery Unit, Hammersmith Hospital, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, UK, post graduated and specialized in Endocrine neck Surgery.

Postgraduate studies in Robotic Surgery (Da Vinci Surgical Robotic System). He participated in the training of medical students of the Imperial College of Medicine, and the Barts and The London Queen Mary College of Medicine, University of London. He was an instructor in health issues, to the students of the School of Permanent Commissioned Officers (MTA) in Greece. Co-hosted the 10th National Congress of Endocrine Surgery. He has extensive research and wide writings, with participation in the writing of books, numerous publications in peer-surgical journals, numerous scientific papers in international conferences, active participation in postgraduate training programs, seminars and surgical symposia.

He was awarded the first prize by the Education Committee of the Greek Surgical Society, 2001. Awarded for the best scientific paper (Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy under local anaesthesia” E. Karvounis and J. Lynn) the 2002 International Surgical Forum.

He is a member of many scientific societies.

Evangelos Karvounis has special scientific interest and everyday implements minimal invasive surgery, parathyroidectomy under local anaesthesia, using RF (Radiofrequency ablation) instead of a scalpel, and use neuromonitoring to ensure the integrity of the vocal cords, as confirmed by the video-laryngoscopy. He also implements, in an innovative way, the intraoperative PTH measurement method iPTH) to perform quite successful ‘directed’ parathyroidectomy. Finally, implements and develops plastic restoration techniques, without any stitches, with excellent postoperative cosmetic result.

Special scientific interests

Diagnosis and therapeutic management of thyroid and parathyroid diseases.

Minimal invasive thyroidectomy.

Video-assisted parathyroidectomy.

Parathyroidectomy under local anaesthesia.

Surgical procedures for thyroid nodules, goiter, Graves’ disease and thyroid cancer.

Surgical procedures for parathyroid adenoma or hyperplasia.

Lymph node neck dissection.

Re-operations for residual thyroid tissue and thyroid cancer recurrence.