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The good functioning of the patient’s vocal cords is the primary concern of the Endocrine Surgeon. So, besides the Electronic Neuromonitoring System, there is the video-laryngoscope.

Dr Karvounis, wanting to check with his own eyes the smooth functioning of the vocal cords during the intensive thyroid and parathyroid glands operations, uses along with the anaesthesiology team, during the patient’s waking up, a portable video-laryngoscope.

It is an endoscopic system of high definition, with in-built lighting source and ergonomic design, which displays in real time the oscillation of the vocal cords (consistently clear, real-time airway view).

Additional benefits from the use of the video-laryngoscope is the capability provided to the Anaesthesiologist to perform a difficult and/or urgent intubation, as well as to identify through endoscopy coexisting issues of the patient (nodules or calluses, vocal cord polyps, Reinke oedema, polypoidal degeneration in smokers, starting of malignancy in the larynx).