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Transoral thyroidectomy

It is just during the last years that  a surgical technique for removing the thyroid through the mouth is being developed. Transoral thyroidectomy falls under the general approach of surgery through natural orifices (NOTES, Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery).

The specific technique appears to hold great promise, it is however in its “embryonic phase”, we would say, with regard to series of parameters for its successful implementation on a wide scale.

In 2018, Dr Karvounis travelled to the Singapore Academy of Medicine, where he was trained on the pioneering technique of removing the thyroid through the mouth assisted by a video camera. While being the only Greek participant in this international workshop, among top endocrine surgeons from all five continents, he was trained in performing the aforementioned technique, under specific prerequisites and criteria.

He met with the internationally No 1 surgeon at the specific technique, his Thai colleague, Dr Angkoon Anuwong, with whom he has the chance to analyse the benefits and restrictions of the aforementioned technique.

Mr Karvounis, Specialist Surgeon, monitors closely the global developments in thyroid surgery, as well as the international medical literature, and sets as his priority, with careful and safe steps, the implementation of modern and safe operation for his patients.