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Apart from the Surgeons Specialisation and his right selection of properly trained and experienced Associate Physicians, the Clinic where the operation and hospitalisation is to be carried out, has particular importance.

The selection of associated Clinics is based on several general and special criteria, only few of which are mentioned below (noting that they are far from self-evident):

  • To have the special, modern, surgical equipment that we use for the specific technique
  • To have the trained scrub nurses
  • To have trained nursing staff for the treatment of patients with an endocrinal disease, for the duration of the hospitalisation
  • To have, on a daily basis, permanent associated Physicians of other specialities for the rare (but defining) event of having to offer their services in support (e.g. Thoracic/Neuro-/Vascular surgeons)
  • To provide duty Doctors of all basic Specialities 24 hours per day
  • To have an Augmented Care Unit and or I.C.U. for the very rare (but defining) case when that may be needed
  • To be supported by a Blood Bank for the very rare (but defining) case when a transfusion may be needed
  • To have a clean, friendly and pleasant environment
  • To have a series of official Certifications, on many levels
  • To have contracts with almost all the private insurance agencies of the country and many from abroad.
  • To have a contract with the state provider EOPPY (National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services)
  • To provide our patients with particularly affordable financial packages for hospitalisation, even the uninsured, due to the accrued by us, large number of cases
  • To have the proper – agile both in decisions and actions – organisational and administrative structure, for the smooth provision of services to patients, at every stage of the hospitalisation.
  • To be especially familiar with the Surgeon and the Medical team, so that through known faces and procedures, the maximum benefit can be attained for the patient.

Most of our operations are performed in


But in other Clinics as well


  • Dr Ioannis Kappas, Specialist Surgical Registrar
  • Dr Ioanna Galanou, Specialist Surgical Registrar
  • Dr Martha Stathaki, Surgeon-Scientific Associate
  • Dr Argyris Aggelopoulos, Surgeon-Scientific Associate
  • Dr Dionysia Kelgiorgi, Surgeon-Scientific Associate
  • Dr Aristotelis Kechagias, Specialist Adrenal Surgeon
  • Dr Stavros Kanellas, Director Anaesthesiologist
  • Dr Antigone Issari, Director Anaesthesiologist
  • Dr Eleni Sofou, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Maria Saridou, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Evaggelia Zaphiri, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Ioanis Kalotychos, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Aggeliki Saridaki, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Maria Psarrou, Anaesthetic Registrar
  • Dr Theodoros Philippidis, Director Surgical Pathologist
  • Dr Athanasios Konstantinou, Registrar Surgical Pathologist
  • Dr Christina Ioakeimidou, Registrar Surgical Pathologist
  • Stylianos Papantoniou, Neuromonitoring Technologist
  • Thomas Zikopoulos, Neuromonitoring Technologist
  • Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Neuromonitoring Technologist
  • Georgios Lymperopoulos, Radiofrequency Technologist
  • Fotios Arvanitidis, Biomedical Systems Technologist
  • Dr Genovepha Chronopoulou, Biopathologist-Laboratory Director
  • Dr Constantina Spanou, ENT-Phoniatrician
  • Dr Valerie Aggelou, ENT-Phoniatrician
  • Dr Alexis Vasileiou, ENT
  • Dr Constantinos Ksenos, Dietician
  • Dr Ioanna Tsompani, Dietician


Nuclear Medicine Physicians
Pathologists – Oncologists – Haematologists – Pulmonologists – Cardiologists
ENT – Thoracic surgeons – Neurosurgeons – Vascular surgeons
Child-endocrinologists, Paediatricians, Paediatric surgeon
Physicians of other Specialities