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Drawing on the experience I gained working in specialised Endocrine Surgery units in Great Britain, I enthusiastically founded, in Athens, a pioneering Endocrine Surgery team, consisting of highly trained colleagues.

The modern thyroid and parathyroid surgery we perform has, in brief, the below advantages for the patient:

  • 24-hour or less hospitalisation
  • Impressively small surgical incision
  • Modern minimally invasive technique- Use of specially designed microsurgery tools or video camera ( Minimally invasive surgery, video-assisted surgery)
  • No scalpel (Radiofrequency ablation/Ultrasicion/Ligasure)
  • No stitches – Plastic surgery recovery technique (no stitches to remove)
  • No drainage tubes – The patient leaves the operating room with a small gauze only
  • No pain – Painkillers are not even prescribed at discharge
  • No blood loss –No transfusion is required. No blood donor is needed
  • kindImmediate immobilisation –Patients may visit the cafeteria of the Clinic starting the same afternoon.
  • Immediate feeding –Free diet starting from the same afternoon
  • Talk straightawayAssurance of integrity of the vocal cords by using a neuromonitoring machine during surgery and second confirmation with video-laryngoscopy during regaining consciousness
  • Assurance of integrity of the parathyroid glands
  • Speedy recovery
  • Speedy complete return to daily activities and work in a very short period of time (many patients are able to work the day after discharge)
  • Minimization of postoperative complications occasionally accompanying the traditional operation methods
  • Experienced and permanent Anaesthesiology Medical team with specific scientific interest in endocrine surgery
  • Selected Clinic offering complete patient care, employing top scientific staff, state-of-the-art facilities and surgical equipment.
  • Personal care, in a pleasant and friendly environment
  • Excellent cosmetic outcome