Magnifying lenses

It is a given fact that an operation to the thyroid or the parathyroid glands is “delicate”, due to human anatomy  itself. More especially, when a malignant disease changes dangerously the normal relation between the organs, then the precision in identifying and the protection of vital anatomic elements take on the highest importance.

Dr Karvounis, depending on the gravity and the anatomical peculiarities of each case, uses a surgical lighting mirror that can optionally be connected to surgical magnifying lenses (surgical loops).

The High Definition Binocular Loops provides the surgeon with total image clarity in his surgical field. A system of multiple lenses and crystals, with magnification and focal distance at choice, at the same time reduces light reflection and offers the ideal Depth & Breadth of Field. The state of the art high resolution optics technology ensures an image with clarity of colour, without warping in the field and grants the Endocrine Surgeon higher optical sharpness and resolution.