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We are pleased to perform, as a Center of Excellence, a very large number of operations yearly, to patients from ALL OVER Greece, neighbouring countries as well as to Greeks of the diaspora. This clinical work surpasses in many instances the volume of cases in respective Big Units in Europe and the U.S.

During the past years, with integral surgical conscience, faith in applying the Rules of Surgery and an attitude for helping the patient responsibly, we had the joy and pleasure to encounter exceptionally complex surgical endocrine problems.


The certification of the CENTRE OR EXCELLENCE THYROID AND PARATHYROID SURGERY, is provided by an international certification body, TUV Austria, an organization which is identified internationally with credibility and quality.

This certification is a result of a multiple-month, detailed and strict evaluation of our work……..


I would like to note that this distinction does not refer to and does not reward only quantitative characteristics, does not only require a very high degree of specialization, a sufficient number of surgical operations and handling difficult health problems.

For us, EXCELLENCE also relates to non-measurable dimensions, non-rated, non-quantifiable virtues, such as responsibility, reliability, teamwork, ethics, consistency, kindness, sensitivity and mainly interest and love for the patient.

A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IS NOT ONLY OBLIGED to standardize procedures, follow safety standards, minimize the possibility of medical error, ensure repeatability of the result, and form a safe environment for the patient.

A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE SHOULD grow, evolve medically, but most of all  listen to the needs and respect the anxieties and the rights of patients who trust us  their health.

EXCELLENCE is not attributed only once, but is part of a constant and painstaking effort, with quantitative and qualitative criteria. It is a perpetual process.

Excellence is not a state, it is a continuous and thorough SEARCH.

  • A research on the modern international medical literature
  • A search for the surgical technique, which will improve the radicality of the operation
  • A search for the detail, which will offer a beautiful aesthetic result after surgery
  • A search for the discharge guidelines that will ensure that the patient is reassured and feels safe at home
  • A search for ANY element that will broaden our patient’s smile

Our democratic society promotes equality at its base but is aristocratic in its summit and from excellence it demands societal benefit. Therefore, CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIETY in itself and CONTRIBUTION TO MANKIND in itself should be a beacon guiding all of us to the medical profession. 

Excellence should dictate any form of human fulfilment. In the Health profession, however, it becomes an one-way and singular option, since it is expressed by the patient’s plea “Doctor ,please do your best”

This way, excellence brings out the best humanly possible action, by essentially suggesting a hunt for a constant redefinition of perfection. 

Striving for excellence is an innate, self-luminous process, during which the comparison takes place internally for the individual and the team and has absolutely no relation to others. The reward is what is simply reflected in scales of perfect-good-mediocre and bad. Thus, it is stripped off entirely, from any competitive element and serves ONLY good sportsmanship.

Excellence is not an obsession and an end by itself. It is a bright way of life that makes us strive for improvement, set goals, innovate, be creative and, finally, be useful for the society!

In modern Greece, where those who excel are usually under persecution, the CENTER OR EXCELLENCE THYROID AND PARATHYROID SURGERY, which I have the honour to direct, does not opt for the well-trodden path, does not abide mediocrity,

and  pledges to continue advocating trust, good sportsmanship, humanity, distinction, and merit.

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EVANGELOS KARVOUNIS MD, PhD, FACS 210 777 10 77 - 694 932 4444