The modern surgical approach to the thyroid is minimal invasive surgery, which is often video-assisted. Radiofrequencies have taken the place of the conventional scalpel. Vocal cord protection is ensured using a specialized neuromonitoring electronic device. In case of malignancy, suspicious lymph nodes can be detected intraoperatively, with the use of a portable ultrasonogram and thereafter excised. Intraoperative measurement of parathormone is also a cutting edge method that ensures the safety of parathyroids.

Dr Karvounis Evangelos, a distinguished surgeon and Head of the Endocrine Surgery Department at the Athens Euroclinic, as one of the pioneer surgeons in this area, applies this method with excellent results.

On a daily basis, he offers his patients with goiter disease a definite treatment, performing a minimal invasive surgery through a tiny incision, without drains, sutures and pain, the patients are hospitalized for one day and can quickly return to their daily activities.   Hundreds of patients are successfully cured every year, enjoying a high quality medical service. They are patients from Greece, Cyprus, Greek citizens who live abroad, as well as Europeans who want to avoid the long waiting lists in their home countries, pay smaller hospital bills and combine a specialized procedure with a pleasant travelling experience in Greece.